A bow to Alice Munro with a small collection of her free available stories in English

Alice Munro aus Tanz der seligen Geister

Amundsen. The New Yorker 2012          Amundsen
The Bear Came Over the Mountain. The New Yorker 1999. Filmed by Sarah Polley: Away from her. An ihrer Seite Der Bär kam über den Berg
Boys and girls. Womeninlit. Erschienen 1968. Tanz der seligen Geister. Jungen und Mädchen
Child´s Play. Harpers Magazine 2007. Wikispaces. Kinderspiel
Deep Holes. The New Yorker 2008. Tieflöcher
Dimension. The New Yorker 2006 Dimensionen
The eye. Scribd.com. From Dear Life (2012) (Das Auge)
Face. The New Yorker 2008 Gesicht
Fiction. DailyLit Erzählungen
Free radicals. The New Yorker 2008 Freie Radikale
Friend of my youth. Die Jugendfreundin
Gravel. The New Yorker 2011 Kies
Passion. The New Yorker 2004 Leidenschaft
Runaway. The New Yorker 2003 Ausreißer
Train. Harper´s Magazine 2012 Zug
The View from Castle Rock. The New Yorker 2005 Die Aussicht vom Burgfelsen
Wenlock Edge. The New Yorker 2005 Der Grat von Wenlock

These are pdf-files from various sources, most of them periodicals that still can or could have been found free on the internet. They are for private use only! If still possible, there´s a reference link. My intention is to share and collect, especially for german readers, who like to read one or another story in its original language. That should not prevent them from buying her books, wether in English or German, quite the contrary!
Any hints to other free available stories are welcome.